Dope Burger has launched a new £100 luxury burger which comes covered in gold, rivalling Salt Bae’s now-infamous £1,450 steak, and it could be coming to a restaurant near you soon

A restaurant has launched a gold-covered burger that rivals Salt Bae’s fancy steak – and it’s a fraction of the price.

Dope Burger has started selling the luxury item, which of course comes with flaking gold on the bun, for a tidy £100, as Hull Live reports.

Coating food in gold is a technique made famous by internet celebrity Salt Bae, real name Nusret Gökçe, who has made headlines around the world for his gold-covered steak – which costs £1,450.

A spokesperson for Dope Burger said that the new range is “super exciting” and will soon be available in their fourth site in Doncaster, Yorkshire, and that they may soon franchise the brand and open restaurants around the country.

Dope Burger shared the creation on TikTok, and soon they were inundated with comments about the luxury item.

One said: “Nice shot at salt bae, this would kill my bloody fillings.”

Another said: “Looks tasty but I won’t be paying £100 for one no thanks.”

A third added: “So is it just a normal burger with gold leaf on the bun? What makes it worth £100 – am I missing something?”

Another said: “Best burger in town by miles! Keep up the good work buddy.”

Meanwhile, an amateur chef has recreated Salt Bae’s infamous £850 gold-plated steak – and managed to make it for just £18.99.

George Runham saw pictures of the now infamous meal online, and was shocked when he heard the price – as were one group who got a whopping £37,000 bill at the swanky London restaurant.

The foodie decided to see if he could make his own version, so ordered some gold leaf sheets off Amazon for £6.99, and bought a £12 steak from M&S.

He then got to work and created a convincing replica of Salt Bae’s steak, costing George a total of just £18.99 – and he said that the famous chef is charging his customers way too much.